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Past, Present, and Future

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

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Amberwood Place Apartments, Longview, TX Housing Tax Credit Program
Photo: Gary Huff and Andrew Barrera

What do you get when you mix art, history, and affordable housing? Well, if you live in Longview, you get a 120-foot mural on a "canvas" also known as the Amberwood Place Apartments.

The property, financed in 2012 through TDHCA's Housing Tax Credit Program, features this unique artwork commemorating the history of Longview, which was produced by six professional artists with help from 10 young artists from area schools.

The developers of Amberwood Place have long included art pieces on their properties. Early on when they realized there would be another opportunity for artwork on a long gray slab of concrete in the back of the complex they quickly began planning how and who would paint the mural.

"We knew we were going to paint a mural there long before Amberwood Place was built. The question was who would paint it?" said Lindsey Wolfson, spokesperson for property developer Pinnacle Housing. "Once the decision was made we were excited to have the community and local artists contribute to its development."

From the initial planning stages to the final project, the mural took approximately six months to complete. It was an instant hit with Longview residents. The City of Longview in fact proclaimed "Amberwood Place Day" on May 6, 2014. The mural depicts everything from former Longview mayor, Earl Roberts, to hot air balloons honoring autism awareness.

The theme of the mural was Longview's past, present, and future. Everyone involved, including the entire community, think the mural captured the theme perfectly and consider the project a huge success.

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