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Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

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Nilda T., La Feria TX Housing Tax Credit Program & HOME Program
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Great "finds" are often times discovered while driving around aimlessly. A driver is driving down the road when suddenly something catches their eye, a quick u-turn is made to go investigate, and the car comes to a screeching halt as the driver stares wide-eyes at what they believe is the greatest find ever. Nilda T. experienced such a moment. One weekend while driving around her hometown of La Feria, Nilda noticed a new apartment complex being built in what she thought was an intriguing location.

"The apartments caught my eye because of their location. It wasn't far from my work at the high school  and it was central to La Feria", said Nilda. "Right away I knew I wanted to live there even though it was still being built."

The "find" in question was Sunflower Estates. Built using Housing Tax Credits and HOME funds, the 80-unit affordable housing complex quickly became a great find for a lot of other people as well. Along with affordable rents, amenities such as energy efficiency features, a club house and community center, and private patios and balconies with storage space ensured the units would quickly lease up.

"I filled out an application as soon as I could", continued Nilda. "I knew I wanted to live here and kept coming by until they started accepting applications. I'm fairly sure I was the first one to move in here."

Once she moved in, Nilda wasted no time in making Sunflower Estates her home. Her patio – a spot where she enjoys sitting and waving to neighbors – overflows with plants and flowers. And because she's close to everything, she spends more time at home than on the road.

"I like it here very much. It's quiet and my neighbors are very nice. And best of all, I'm close to everything!"

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