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It's a Win, Win, Win!


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Shirleen Bonacci (R) and client
HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Photo: Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

Beneficiaries of TDHCA's HOME Homeownership Rehabilitation Assistance Program are always thankful for the program. Tears of joy are often shed when they first walk into their newly built home. They are overwhelmed by gratitude and disbelief. More often than not, crying right alongside of them is the person who helped them throughout the entire process.

Shirleen Bonacci has been in the construction industry for over three decades. As a HOME Project Manager for the grant management firm GrantWorks since 2011, she's overseen the construction of approximately 200 homes throughout the state.

"I love the HOME Program", says Shirleen. "This program is a win, win, win! The homeowners' lives are so changed. We've had people ill with bad allergies and breathing issues because of who knows what's in the walls; asbestos, mold, etc. Then, suddenly, they get in their new homes and their health improves. They feel better! They're better off. The neighborhoods are better off. The homes being built are nicer. There's a pride in it and people start taking care of their homes. The city is better off. The tax base improves. The city becomes nicer and attracts more people. It's a fabulous program!"

Shirleen has worked for large and small construction companies and her experience can garner her larger paychecks. But for her it's about helping people who need it the most.

"I'm thankful for what I can do. I'm deeply touched by the people that we help. I don't do this for just a paycheck. I'm grateful everyday to do what I do."

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