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Hard Work

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA with special thanks to Brad Patrick, South Plains Community Action Association

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Larry and Barbara H., Sundown
Photo: Brad Patrick, South Plains Community Action Association

Texans work hard and take care of their own. Sundown residents Larry and Barbara H. embody this proud Lone Star virtue through and through. They worked hard for everything they own.

"We were raised up working. Our parents taught us to work and that's what we do.
We work and we try our best," recalls Barbara. "I was a secretary and my husband was a welder."

In 2000 they purchased a house with the intention of saving money to tear it down and build a new one. Everything was in order until tragedy struck.

"Our plan was to pay it off, tear it down, and build a real nice new home because I always wanted a sewing room. But it never worked out because Larry had a heart attack and had to have quadruple bypass surgery," recalls Barbara. "Plus, I also started having a lot of health problems. It was one thing after another. It didn't seem like we could get anything done, not even get a new roof."

One day they found a flyer on their door. It was from the City of Sundown and was advertising its Homeowner Rehabilitation Program funded by TDHCA's HOME Program. It would be difficult to ask for help but, with their savings dwindling, they knew it was a good opportunity so they took a chance and applied to the program.

Their application was processed and approved before they knew it. Their house received all the needed repairs; new windows, a new roof, a badly needed paint job, a leaky porch was fixed, an accessible ramp, and the house was leveled. They couldn't have asked for anything better.

"We have never, ever asked for help. We always worked. We always did without or we got it," remembers Barbara. "But I'm glad we did (applied for HOME HRA). We're really thrilled about it. It was really a blessing for us."

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