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They're Looking Down on Us

Jorge Reyes, TDHCA

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Annie A., Refugio, TX
HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Photo: City of Refugio

It's been said that we all could use a little help from above from time to time. Annie A. was in need of such intervention. Ever since her husband passed away in 1992, she worked and raised her four children in a small, two-bedroom trailer. It was so cramped that her two older children had to sleep in the front room.

Three years ago Annie decided to do something about her living situation. She applied to the City of Refugio's Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance Program; funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs' HOME Program. Sadly, her son Michael passed away shortly after she began the application process. It was a very hard time for Annie and her family.

Despite the pain over the loss of her son and the anguish over unforeseen delays in the application process and construction, Annie continued with the seemingly endless process. Her persistence paid off, however, when Annie finally moved into her new home in April 2013. It was a bittersweet moment but she knew her husband and her son were right beside her during the whole process. Quietly guiding her and reassuring her that in the end everything would work out.

"They're looking down on us right now. I know it," said Annie. "They guided me to this moment and to this house. I'm so happy."

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